What are some fun things to have at a wedding reception?

Wedding planning can be exciting and great fun!  There’s so much for a bride and groom to look forward to on their special day, being surrounded by friends and family to celebrate the love between two people.

If you are a bit of a whizz at Excel, then you’re in luck.  The starting point for any wedding planning to produce a list of what you need, and a budget.  Without this, you could end up overspending by a lot, and starting your married life in debt! Some sort of spreadsheet, therefore, is worth its weight in gold and this will help you keep you guys on track.  Even if it’s a whiteboard or paper stuck to the wall, something is better than nothing!

Let’s face it, weddings are not cheap. The dress, suits, catering, the venue, flowers, wedding rings, bridesmaids outfits….the list goes on.  You’ve heard the old adage ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’?  Well, this is certainly the case when it comes to wedding planning – get your negotiating hat on!

The chances are that you’ll put all these exciting elements at the top of your list because, basically, they are the most exciting and important.  Other elements such as table and chair hire, wedding furniture hire and wedding equipment hire just don’t have the same appeal, yet will prove to be as equally essential when the time comes. For now, in the early stages of your wedding planning, however, table and chair importance, will be at the bottom of your list.

You’ll usually find that the best weddings are the most memorable weddings, not the most expensive weddings.  Just because a wedding cost the earth, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be memorable.  Look for personal touches around the event, from the invitations through to the wedding table place settings, and even the favours on the table.  The more of these personal, unique touches you can come up with, the more memorable an occasion it will be for you and your guests.

Another way to make your wedding super-memorable is to include lots of fun elements into the wedding day and the evening reception.  Some ideas include;

Free photo booth and accessories

Capture the moment in a fun way for you and your guests – and provide ‘dressing up’ accessories such as oversized glasses, hats, signs and more.


For those of us confident enough to have ourselves ‘caricatured’, this can be a great laugh. Let’s hope that they are flattering!


Everyone loves a good trick, and magicians certainly bring a lot of enjoyment with plenty of tricks up their sleeves.

Singing waiters

The surprise element is always good fun, with waiters bursting into song at random intervals during the wedding breakfast. Again, personalise this with songs that are special to the happy couple.

Face painting and kid’s colouring stations

It’s important to keep the kids entertained! There are hours of fun to be had here (and even for some adults, no doubt!)

Giant Jenga & Connect 4

Garden games are always a great idea to keep people entertained.  Croquet is also a good one, though you’ll need to find that certain guest who knows the rules first!

DIY cocktail bar

You can bet your life that this will be on the most popular fun elements you can possibly introduce at your wedding.  Everyone fancies themselves as a bit of a Tom Cruise behind the bar, so let’s see what they can do!

Guest playlist

And finally, one of the best ways to introduce the fun element is to get everyone dancing.  Why not, when you send out your wedding invitations, include on the RSVP card a song that they want the DJ to play.  It’s a great way to involve your guests even further in the day and creates an incredibly diverse playlist!

Of course, there are plenty more options available to you – this is only a small selection.  However, it’s easy to see how simple it is to introduce the fun element at your wedding.  And, it will be more fun for you as the bride and groom to plan these activities rather than think about wedding chair hire.

Make your wedding fun and interactive, and it will be memorable.  Ultimately, you and your guests want to enjoy the day and remember it for years to come.  

All that is left for us to say now, however, is congratulations!