5 Child-Friendly Travel Destinations

Family vacations give you a chance to reflect and reconnect with your child. Whether it’s a bike ride or a hike, you will have long-lasting memories of the times you spent together with your child.

These vacations don’t have to be expensive, meaning you don’t have to book luxury hotels for your child to appreciate the travel. This is because most children cherish the time spent together with you. This post will look at 5 child-friendly travel destinations. 

Rome, Italy

While Rome in Italy might not seem that attractive to your child, the history of the gods, epic battles, and ancient weapons will be appealing for the younger generation. Here is how you can help them understand the importance of this destination. Before you go to Rome, read to your child an age-appropriate book that talks about Ancient Rome. 

Alternatively, enroll your child in a gladiator school where they will learn about life in this ancient city. Even better, once they learn how to fight like the ancient warriors, they might feel cool visiting Rome. There are various types of accommodation in Rome including hotels and resorts. These places organize myths and heroes tours, treasure hunts, and family shopping trips through the city’s special designer’s shops. 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is mainly about glittering skyscrapers and fancy cars. Besides this, you can also enjoy visiting special places, such as the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project where you can feed a three-foot-wide turtle. Best of all, you can enjoy sand skiing, camel rides, and dune-bashing which involves driving a jeep over sandhills. 

There are several family-friendly activities that most hotels provide water parks with thousands of water creatures and evening programming for children so that you can enjoy time alone at night.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam has various things to keep your child busy all day long. Think about it, the city has restaurants with a corner designed for kids to play with toys. There are also playgrounds everywhere and several child-friendly attractions such as the ARTIS-Amsterdam Royal Zoo, National Maritime Museum, and NEMO Science Museum. 

The Pulitzer Amsterdam hotel boasts of having curated amenities such as natural bath products and activity books for children, rocking horses, and wide-open garden spaces.

Melbourne, Australia

There are good reasons why Melbourne was voted as the most liveable city on the planet. This is because the city is full of culture, has a variety of high-class dining, world-class sports facilities, and many more.  

Melbourne in Australia has plenty to offer including the Scienceworks Museum, watching penguins at Phillip Island and many more. There is no doubt that this place can even make you feel like a little kid once more. Imagine seeing wild forest and fern gullies and the Puffing Billy Steam Railway. 

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo has various awe-inspiring things like the Oceanographic Museum, Observation Cave, Exotic Gardens, and Zoological Gardens. Apart from the places, remember that Monaco is strategically located, making it easier for you to visit France and Italy both in one day. 

As a result, you can have three trips in one. You can book in any of the child-friendly hotels, such as The Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo which has various great kids programs, including Little Chef’s dessert-making lessons.