Understanding the Knick and Knack of Outdoor Furniture

There can never be a better way to spend a lazy afternoon than having a family lunch in your backyard. Whenever furniture renovation is discussed, outdoor furniture tends to take a backseat. However, it is as essential part of home renovation. The only point of difference between indoor and outdoor furniture is that you need to take additional measures to ensure that outdoor furniture lasts you for a significant amount of time, and you do not end up replacing it sooner than might be expected. The best way to go about it is to know about this aspect before you buy any designer dining chair online.

The season for Sunday outdoor brunches is fast approaching. It is ideal to start looking for designer dining chair online to amp up your outdoors. The weather is harsh on outdoor furniture and the following is a list of pointers to keep in mind when buying outdoor furniture and ensure its longevity.


The durability of outdoor furniture is highly dependent on the quality and species of the wood it has been made out of. When choosing the material, it is highly advocated that you take into account the geographical location, scorching sun, rain, snow, etc. to find the perfect fit that matches the harsh weather conditions where you live. Some of the most reliable wood species widely used in making designer dining chair online include white oak, mahogany, cedar, Ipe and teak.


The harsh, changing weather conditions can leave your furniture look old and gruesome, and if this keeps on for a long period of time, the furniture will end up losing its strength. Even if you are living in a sunny place with little rain that eliminates the chance of wood decay by moisture, the constant sunshine will make the color of the woodfade. In order to prevent this, there are many platforms that can provide you with UV resistant finishes. This will delay the touch up of the outdoor furniture by a few years.  If you are planning to buy designer dining chair online, make sure you invest in a UV resistant finish to add more years to its life. If you think that the furniture requires more protection, you can always apply a top coat just to be on the safe side.


The build of the outdoor furniture also plays an important role in adding to the longevity of wooden furniture. Stainless steel, treated fasters and outdoor glue are some of the most important components in the build process of outdoor furniture. Another way to improve the workability of the furniture is to add grooves that go all the way from the top of the table to bottom. This ensures that if there is water on the table, it drips down rather than just sitting in a puddle on the top, corroding it away.


It is a little known fact that the cut and design of wooden furniture has a tremendous impact on its durability.  According to the experts, the quarter swan is an ideal cut for outdoor furniture. The reason why the experts suggest this particular cut for outdoor furniture is the minimal warping, twisting and contracting it provides. When wood is cut using the quarter swan method, fluctuations in humidity simply increase or decrease the thickness of the tabletop. Doing so reduces any chance of cracking on the tabletop.

Ways to protect outdoor furniture from external factors

If you are going to buy designer dining chair onlineit is also essential to take the necessary measures to protect it from external factors. The following is a list of different ways to help you look after your outdoor furniture. 

  • Make sure you clean it thoroughly.
  • Make use of furniture sunscreen.
  • If there is any fabric on the furniture, wash it often and spray with a fabric protector.